2021/3/2 Update&Maintenance Announcement

2021-02-27 16:14:48

Your Highness,


To provide you with a better gaming experience, all servers of Rise of Queendom will be shut down for maintenance on 3/2/2021 (UTC+8). During the maintenance, we will release the latest game version which enriches multiple gameplays. You will not be able to log in the game during the maintenance. The estimated maintenance duration is 5 hours. And maintenance time may be adjusted according to the actual situation.


Maintenance rewards will be sent by mail after the maintenance.


This update will be contained in a patch, which will be detected and loaded when you log in to the game after the maintenance. 


Maintenance Duration


SEA Servers: 5:00-10:00, 3/2/2021 (UTC+8)

NA Servers: 13:00-18:00, 3/2/2021 (UTC-8)




All servers



1. New Hero: Li Qingzhao

New Doctor hero- Li Qingzhao is coming!


Skill 1: Brimming Flood (Rage Skill)-Large AOE ATK. Theres possibility to stun the target and add DMG Decrease effect to your allies.

Skill 2: Flapping Wings-Small AOE ATK. Theres possibility to add buffs, skill DMG and debuff immunity to your allies.

Skill 3: Dim Moonlight-Small AOE ATK with Dispel effect. Add Shield to allies.


2. New Classic Hero Skin: Fair Immortal

Skill 1: Divine Chorus (Rage Skill)-Large AOE ATK. Add Frenzy and DMG Decrease effect to yourself.

Skill 2: Flying Crane-Small AOE ATK. Use the DMG dealt to recover your allies HP based on certain rate. Increase your CRIT rate.

Skill 3: Muted Mountains-Small AOE ATK with Armor Piercing effect. Increase your DEF.


3. New Gameplay:

Gem Perks Tier increases to 15.

New Chapter-Li Longji of Common, Elite and Nightmare Hero Biography.

New Chapter of Landscape


4. New Costume:

Character Costume

1. Tender Willows

2. Noble Match

3. Infinite Sorrow

4. River Chill

5. Returning Crane

Heir Costume

1. Noble Match

2. Endless Pursuit

New costumes for characters and heirs are coming! Participate in the events and get your preferred ones!


5. New Pet: Meeko

    Who stole the cat food in the palace? Must be the raccoon with a huge appetite!

    Meeko will be available after the update. Pay attention to the in-game events. Don’t miss it!



1. There will be a 5-minute maintenance countdown before the maintenance starts, during which you can not do anything in the game. As soon as the maintenance starts, you will not be able to log in the game. Please arrange your time in advance.

2. Please take note of your account, password as well as your server name before the maintenance.

3. Please pay attention to the time of your Banquets and pre-arrange them in case of any unnecessary losses.

4. We appreciate your understanding and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us as following if you have any problems.

Customer Service:GTJ_service@friendtimes.net



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