Gift for Newcomers - Claim Your Novice Pack

2020-04-29 10:00:00

Greetings, Your Highness! Today Luo has bring the fresh Exchange Rewards for all newcomers!

Event period: Permanent.

How to participate: Just 3 steps,

1.Head to Rise of Queendom official website . 

2.Click on the lovely kitty.

3.Log in and select the SERVER that you’re playing. You get your Exchange Code now, simple and easy!


Head to the home page of Rise of Queendom official website and click on the kitty.

log in.png

Log in.


Select your SERVER.

Copy Exchange Code.png

Copy Exchange Code.


Redeem in game: [Bonus] → [Exchange Code]

Please be noted, ONE Exchange Code for ONE account in ONE selected SERVER ONLY. 

Do make sure to select the correct SERVER because the ONE-OFF code can’t be redeemed twice.

Reach out to our customer service team at <GTJ_service@friendtimes.net> if you got any issues, we are always happy to help.

Follow Rise of Queendom Facebook Page for more game info and gifts!

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Here is your Novice Pack Redeem Code

Code: COPY

Please redeem it in the game [ How to Redeem? ]

[ Log out ]