2022/03/10 Update&Maintenance Announcement

2022-03-09 13:49:42

Your Highness,


To provide you with a better game experience, all servers of Rise of Queendom will be under maintenance on 03/10/2022 (UTC+8). During the maintenance, we will release the latest game version which enriches multiple gameplays. You will not be able to login to the game during the maintenance. The estimated maintenance duration is 5 hours. And maintenance complete time may be adjusted according to the actual situation. Update rewards will be sent by mail after the maintenance.


This update will be contained in a patch, which will be detected and loaded when you login to the game. After the maintenance, your highness just need to download the new patch to enjoy the game.


Maintenance Duration

SEA Servers: 15:00 - 20:00, 03/10 (UTC+8)

NA Servers: 23:00, 03/09 - 04:00, 03/10 (UTC-8)



All servers



1. New Function

(1) Bone

Entrance: Pet - Bone

Unlock Condition: Reach Character Lv. 115, have Generation Ⅱ Pets

Including: Improve Bone Level, Activate Bone Perks. Increase your pets Rating.

Attention: It will be successful or failed in improving Bone Level. When respawn a pet, only the materials used to successfully improve the bone will be returned. 


(2) New Faction PVP

Faction PVP will be remade after this update. It will enrich the gameplays. The map will include 3 large strongholds and 6 small strongholds. Faction PVP is available at Faction Lv.2 and Character Lv.40. It will unlock at 20:55, every Wednesday. Please participate to experience the new Faction PVP.

[ The rules are subject to the display in the game ]

Attention: Because of the remake of Faction PVP, the strongholds Occupation will be cleared and reset after the update. The Faction Fund consumed will be directly returned to the successful occupying faction after the update.


2. Limit expansion

(1) Layer of Babel Tower, up to 600.

(2) New Chapter of Etiquettes: Chapter 9-Ink Paintings.


3. New Event

(1) Cornucopia

Your Highness reaches Lv.45 can participate in the event. There is Deposit Phase and Withdraw Phase. The Withdraw Phase is the last day of the event. With every expenditure of Ingots, a certain number of Ingots will be deposited into the Cornucopia in Deposit Phase. You can increase the deposit cap by Assistance, making in-game Ingots purchases, or getting Gold Plates. You can withdraw Ingots in Withdraw Phase, but cannot deposit more Ingots or increase deposit cap in the Withdraw Phase.

[ The rules are subject to the display in the game ]


4. New Hero Classic SkinLingering Shade (Daji)

- Rage Skill (Group ATK)Lethal Mirror

Large AOE ATK. Enchant the target with dizzy and disable effects.

- Active Skill (CTRL):Piercing Wind

Small AOE ATK. Enchant, confuse and corrode the target.

- Active Skill (CTRL):Night Rain

Small AOE ATK. Charm and dizzy the target, decreasing Rage by certain percentage. Add Shadow Blow effect to allies.

[ Please check the skill details in the game. ]


5. New Pets: Pegasus, MooMoo

Pegasus and MooMoo will be available after the update. Pay attention to the in-game events. Don’t miss it!


6. New Costumes

- Character Costume

Phoenix Grace, Spring Farewell, Harsh Desert, Swirling Tunes, Night Shimmer, April Buds, Tardy Spring, Firework Festa, Transient Chill, Remote Vision, Jasper Spirit, etc.

- Heir Costume

Night Shimmer, April Buds, Spring Farewell, Harsh Desert, Phoenix Grace


New costumes for characters and heirs are coming! Participate in the events and get your preferred ones!


7. New Alias, Head Frame, Bubble:

Phoenix Grace, Spring Farewell, Harsh Desert, Swirling Tunes, Night Shimmer, April Buds


8. Optimizations and Bugs fixed

(1) New items added in Frame and Bubble Shop.

(2) Wisdom Sachet and Bone Transfer added in Item Shop.

(3) Bone Pill, Advanced Bone Pill, Skin Jigsaw added in Daily Deals of Privilege Shop.

(4) Optimization of Pet Merge, Screen with different types of Material Pets.

(5) Optimization of Rewards Preview Display in Gashapon.

(6) Optimization of Text Display in Recruitment.

(7) Fixed the English Display problem in Lucky Rewards.

(8) Other optimizations and known bugs fixed.



1. There will be a 5-minute maintenance countdown before the maintenance starts, during which you can not do anything in the game. As soon as the maintenance starts, you will not be able to log in the game. Please arrange your time in advance.

2. Please take note of your account, password as well as your server name before the maintenance.

3. Please pay attention to the time of your Banquets and pre-arrange them in case of any unnecessary losses.

4. We appreciate your understanding and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us by In-game customer Service or by following email if you have any problems.

Customer Service: GTJ_service@friendtimes.net


The Rise of Queendom Operation Team


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