2022/08/30 Update&Maintenance Announcement

2022-08-29 14:09:46

Your Highness,


To provide you with a better game experience, all servers of Rise of Queendom will be under maintenance on 08/30/2022 (UTC+8). During the maintenance, we will release the latest game version which enriches multiple gameplays. You will not be able to login to the game during the maintenance. The estimated maintenance duration is 2 hours. And maintenance complete time may be adjusted according to the actual situation. Update rewards will be sent by mail after the maintenance.


This update will be contained in a patch, which will be detected and loaded when you login to the game. After the maintenance, your highness just need to download the new patch to enjoy the game.


Maintenance Duration

SEA Servers: 14:00 - 16:00, 08/30 (UTC+8)

NA Servers: 23:00, 08/29 - 01:00, 08/30 (UTC-7)



All servers



1. New Function

(1) Battle of Fate

Entrance: Fun - Limited

Unlock Condition: Character reaches Lv. 70

Event time: 18:00-20:00, every day

Match fight to get Hollow Jade, and Exchange rewards at Fate Shop. Moreover,Ranking Rewards are waiting for you.


(2) Painting Runes

Entrance: Hero - Painting - Runes

Unlock Condition: Character reaches Lv. 120

Level up the Stones, and activate the bond attributes. Make your team stronger.


(3) New gameplay of Shake Up: Good Order

Entrance: Fun - Shake Up

Participate Condition: Character reaches Lv. 115

Event time: Every Saturday


2. Limit expansion

(1) Treasure Advance, up to Lv. 18 with new advanced items


3. New Event

(1) Divinatory Dial

Unlock at Lv. 45. There are 3 attributes on the divine dial, namely, Heaven, Earth, and Man. Each run of the dial grants 1 attribute. Two gains of the same attribute in a row level up the said attribute. Zen Blessing grow with the attribute level. Attributes can be leveled up by common runs and advanced runs. Zen Blessing in the event can be used to purchase items in the shop. Please pay attention to the in-game events.

[ The rules are subject to the display in the game. ]


4. New Fabled HeroLing Yuan (Scholar)


- Rage Skill (Group ATK)Stormy Gale

Large AOE ATK. Obtain Chill effect and add Frostbite to the targets.

- Active Skill (Group ATK):Frosty Dragon

Small AOE ATK. Obtain Flame and extra DMG effects. Add Frostbite to the targets.

- Active Skill (Group ATK):Ice Splinter

Small AOE ATK. Obtain Snow God and DMG Increase effects. Add Frostbite to the targets.

- Flair Skill (SPT):Frosted Mind

When attacked, a chance to add Frostbite to enemies.

[ Please check the skill details in the game. ]


5. New Hero SkinAmrita Moon (Ling Zhan)

Purchase Skin Jigsaws to exchange at Hero Skin of Ling Zhan.


6. New Treasure and Painting

- Treasure: Heavenly Lotus

- Painting: Pillar of Heaven


7. New Pets: Goldie, Jackie, Frosty

Goldie, Jackie and Frosty will be available after the update. Pay attention to the in-game events. Don’t miss it!


8. New Costumes

- Character Costume

Storm Ditty, Teary Mermaid, Hazy Light, Shared Moon, Magic Night, Lovely Teatime, Ablaze Scarlet, Unknown Miracle, Limpid Autumn, Meteor Plume, Dim Spirit, etc.

- Heir Costume

Storm Ditty, Shared Moon, Unknown Miracle, Autumn Harvest, Firefly Hymn, etc.


New costumes for characters and heirs are coming! Participate in the events and get your preferred ones!


9. New Alias, Head Frame, Bubble:

Storm Ditty, Teary Mermaid, Hazy Light, Shared Moon, etc.


10. Optimizations and Bugs fixed

(1) Pet Essence added in Item Shop.

(2) Azurite, Lazurite added in Daily Deals and Privilege of Privilege Shop.

(3) Autumn Tour deleted and Night Drizzle added in Unique costume pack.

(4) Azurite and Lazurite added in Painting Summon Rewards.

(5) Optimization of some Flash packs banners.

(6) Other optimizations and known bugs fixed.



1. There will be a 5-minute maintenance countdown before the maintenance starts, during which you can not do anything in the game. As soon as the maintenance starts, you will not be able to log in the game. Please arrange your time in advance.

2. Please take note of your account, password as well as your server name before the maintenance.

3. Please pay attention to the time of your Banquets and pre-arrange them in case of any unnecessary losses.

4. We appreciate your understanding and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us by In-game customer Service or by following email if you have any problems.

Customer Service: GTJ_service@friendtimes.net


The Rise of Queendom Operation Team


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