Arrange Your Palace Life - Schedule System

2020-05-25 14:37:14

In Rise of Queendom , the higher the level is, the more features are open for exploring. Today Luo brings the guide of Schedule System, hope it helps you to have some relaxation in the turbulent harem life.


Your Highness can arrange your Schedule once a day, and the attribute you obtain varies depending on the five activities you participate in. The Agenda provides 2 times to refresh the Activities per day. So remember to do it wisely and selectively.


(Part of Agenda Activity List)

Luo collated the different Palace Attributes and corresponding effect for you, Your Higness can also refer to Details of Attributes in the game.


Once 4 Dignitaries unlocked, you also unlock the the Schedule Ticket, which functions in quick obtaining Agenda Rewards). Super convenient, right?

Visit Dignitary 

Your Highness has 3 times per day to visit Dignitaries. To build up a good relationship with Dignitaries not only enriches your social life in the palace, but also helps increasing your ATK, HP, DEF. What’s more, there’s chance to trigger special missions when visiting them, which also provides chance to obtain corresponding Dignitary Shards for synthesizing Heroes.


Inviting Dignitaries improves Dignitary Appeal, and increases the chance of  Dignitary’s confession, which brings extra attribute bonus.


The guide of Schedule System ends here. Which attribute do you want to enhance the most and how to efficiently arrange your activities? Your Highness can explore in the game. If you have any questions or any experience you want to share, welcome to follow our FB page or join the FB group Rise of Queendom to discuss more!

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