Obtaining the XP effectively - Palace Travel Guide

2020-07-24 15:52:22

In Rise of Queendom, there are so many gameplays for your highness to discover. These unique gameplays are not only amusing, but also brings you abundant rewards such as XP, Resources, Hero Shards and Equipments. Today, Luo would like to bring you a guide on the Palace Travel which helps you obtaining the Character XP effectively.



To participate the Palace Travel, you need to form a team with 2 to 5 players who reaches Lv.38. You can either create your own team or join one. As you gather more team members, the overall team might will be higher. Thus, Luo would suggest you to invite as many team members as possible to complete the challenge smoothly and quickly. Try to call up in the World channel or the Faction channel, or invite your friends, form up now!



Be sure to check if team might has reached the recommend might before starting the Palace Travel. Click the "Embattle" button to check your Heroes allocation. It sounds cliche but Embattle is crucial to your battle.


You can challenge the Palace Travel for 10 times a day, each time takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds. Feel free to switch to the Auto mode if you want. No need to worry about the Embattle and Skills. Can’t find a  easier way to obtain the Character XP than Palace Travel!


You can claim the battle rewards 10 times per day, and the first 5 rewards are doubled. In addition to the character’s XP, there are so many other rewards will drop randomly such as Hero XP Pack, Treasure Shards, Flowers, etc. There is a chance to come across the Mystery Man during the travel. Take the chance to beat the him and claimed the special rewards!


What’s more, you will gain the Faith Points if you challenge the instances with any player whose rating is 5% lower than yours. The Faith Points can be used to redeem some rewards in the Social Shop.

That’s all for the Palace Travel Guide. Now you can start communicating with your friends and conquer the Palace Travel together! Good luck with your Harem journey!

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