Continue The Royal Romance——Anniversary Event Introduction

2021-01-08 11:00:00

Dear Your Highness,

Till now, Luo still feels unreal that it has been 1 year since the Rise of Queendom was released. How time flies! We are grateful to you for being with us in the Palace. It's time to celebrate our 1st anniversary! 

Event Time

2021/01/09 00:00 - 2021/01/22 17:00 (UTC+8)

Log in the event page, finish the quests and earn exclusive rewards!


Sky Lantern Challenge

Tap as fast as you can in 10s! The more you tap, the more you win! Invite your friends to get 1 more chance to challenge!


Sky Lantern Milestone

Rise of Queendom will Keep all your tap numbers into calculation. After the records of Sky lanterns achieved certain numbers, it will unlock the corresponding rewards. Let’s see how far we can reach together!


Sky Lantern Rank

10 players from SEA server and 10 players from NA server who ranked top 10 on the Sky Lantern Rank will get extra exclusive rewards. 


Please note that is the same tap number is achieved by multiple participants, time sequence affects their ranks. All the rewards will be sent out to your in-game mailbox within 5 working days after the event ends.

Up in the Air, 1 Love We Share! Come and join the 1st Anniversary celebration! Exclusive costume awaits! Please follow our Facebook Page in case you miss any important news. 

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