[Update Preview] New Orange Hero Li Qingzhao is Coming

2021-02-23 11:00:00

Brand new contents are coming to Rise of Queendom with the new orange hero Li Qingzhao, a new skin of Li Bai, a new orange pet and lots of delicate costumes! Come with Luo and sneak a peek~

New Hero - Li Qingzhao

Li Qingzhao was a well-known poetess in Chinese history. She becomes an orange Doctor with excellent controlling skills and buffs in the Palace.


Brimming Flood: Large AOE ATK. There is possibility to stun the target and add DMG Decrease effeect to your allies.

Flapping Wings: Small AOE ATK. There is possibility to add buffs, skill DMG, and debuff immunity to your allies.

Dim Moonlight: Small AOE ATK with Dispel effect. Add Shield to allies.

New Skin

The brand new classic skin of Li Bai, Fair Immortal, is coming to this update! Compare to the Initial Skills, the Skin Skills are more defensive and could heal the allies to enhance the survival probability of the whole team.


Luo highly recommends this classic skin~ Do not miss it!

New Pet - Meeko

Cute Orange pet, Meeko, is coming to the Palace~ Take care and do not take the chestnut from him, or he will get angry!


New Outfits

Let’s take a look at these new outfits~ Which set is your favourite?






That’s all for this update preview~ Please pay attention to the official website announcement for the specific update time.

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