[Update Preview] Protect the Dragon

2021-03-26 16:30:00

The new update of Rise of Queendom is coming with the new gameplay: Protect Dragon! A new orange hero, a new skin of Li Qingzhao, a cute pet and costumes are all included in this latest version as well! Come with Luo and seek a peek!

New Gameplay - Protect Dragon

The limited-time gameplay, Protect Dragon, is coming online for the servers that have been opening for 3 weeks. Please be patient for several days if you are in the new servers~


Work together to defeat the enemies and protect the dragon! Protect Dragon will start at 20:00 on Tuesday and Friday. Don't forget to gather your friends and defeat the enemies~


Your rewards relate to the remaining Dragon HP. Meanwhile, the higher your DMG is, the better your ranking rewards are~ So, keep in mind to enhance the rating of your heroes!

New Hero - Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang was a resourceful character in Chinese history. Now he is an orange-quality scholar who can deal the great DMG and provide controlling effects during the battle in Rise of Queendom


Palace Rumors: Large AOE ATK. Taichi effect for both you and your allies.

Verbal Attack: Large AOE ATK. Decrease the target’s Energy and Vitality.

Sharp Arrows: Small AOE ATK. Obtain Shield effect yourself and transfer target’s Shield skills (except debuff immunity).

New Skin

The new classic skin of Li Qingzhao, Forever Begonia, is designed with begonia flowers as background and has elements of peacock feathers on it. The skin skills of Forever Begonia have higher DMG and DEF than the common hero skills, which can help your allies control the enemies first during the battle.


New Pet

Chatty, an Orange pet, likes to imitate people and accompanys you when you roam in the palace~


New Costumes

Apart from the character’s costumes, Luo brings the costumes for Heir as well! Let’s have a look~

Character’s Costumes




Heir’s Costumes



Luo's spoiler just ends here~ For more information about this update, keep an eye on our official website and stay tuned! Which part of this update are you most looking forward to? Talk with Luo through our Facebook

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