[Update Preview] Powerful Healing Gourmet Wan‘er

2021-04-26 17:00:00

Rise of Queendom is about to usher in this month's update! Luo can't wait to share the new contents with you~It includes a new orange hero Wan'er, the new maximum level of character, the expansion contents of Babel Tower and more. Come with Luo and sneak a peek!

New Hero - Wan'er

Wan'er is an imperial consort of the Tang dynasty. She is famous for her talent as a poet, writer and politician. In Rise of Queendom, she is an orange Gourmetwho is good at healing and providing buffs. Let's take a look of her skills~    


Honored Heroine: No DMG. Keep recovering you allies' HP. There's possibility to let the friendly units obtain debuffs and skills DMG immunity;

Noble Talent: No DMG. Increase your allies' ATK, AGI, and CRIT;

Noble Power: No DMG. Increase your allies' HP. There's possibility to add Flow effect to your allies.

If you are looking for a healing support, Wan'er is your best choice!

New Skin

The new skin of Lyu Zhi, Lonely Phoenix, the combination of ink purple and dark gold is gergeous and noble. Don't miss it if you like to collect skins~


New Pet

The orange pet, Hedgehog, feeds on insects during the night to help with farming. They also eat berries when hungry, because they believe they won't do harm to anyone.


New Costumes

Have a look at the exquisite costumes coming with this time update. Which one is your favourite?






That's all for this update preview~ Please pay attention to the official website announcement for the specific update time. If you have any ideas or questions, welcome to our official Facebook and share with Luo~

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