[Update Preview] Pet House is Now Open

2021-05-20 22:00:00

Rise of Queendom is going to have an update with so many heart-warming contents! New gameplay - Pet House, Pet Incubator and Merge will fill up the current Pet System. Moreover, there will be a new Hero Bian Que, new Classic Skin for Han Xin and more. Now follow Luo to have a glimpse!

New Gameplay - Pet House

The Pet House will be available after the update. Your lovely Pets are finally going to have their own home! And of course, you'll need to decorate and clean the Pet House frequently in order to keep a cozy environment for them.


Pets of the same kind can breed their offspring. Place your 1st Generation Pet in the incubator and find a match for it, and then the couple will be able to breed a 2nd Generation. The junior has a chance to show a different appearance, and can gain higher Growth Points. The higher the Growth Points, the more Attributes will be added during every Level-up. Hence, try to breed the 2nd Generation Pets with greater Growth Points!


The 2nd Generation Pet can be upgraded via Merge. For Merge you'll need two Pets - Main Pet and Material Pet. The Material Pet will disappear after merging, therefore, be sure to select the Material Pet carefully!

New Hero - Bian Que

The legendary medical Bian Que is an Orange Gourmet who's good at reviving and healing. 


Magpie Healing: No DMG. Recover HP for allies and add ACC to allies.

Sky Waters: No DMG. Revive allies and add Invincibility effect to them.

Magic Therapy: No DMG. Heal allies and add Debuff Immune effect to allies and increase their DEF.

New Hero Skin

There will be a new Classic Skin for Han Xin - Tiger Roar. With the Skin equipped, Han Xin will be able to deal extra DMG, Taunt the target, and even recover his own HP, making him more invincible.


New Pet - Flamy

The Orange Pet Flamy is a mythical guardian which only blesses couples who truly love each other.


New Costumes

Finally, let's take a look at the brand new Costumes. Which one is your favorite?

MC Costumes


(Meow Holiday)


(Auspicious Crane)


(Sweet Melody)


(Pure Solitude)


(Inky Elegance)

Heir Costumes


(Auspicious Crane)


(Precious Treasure)

That's all for the update preview today. Your Highness, which one do you look forward to the most? Go to our official Facebook and share with Luo~

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