[Update Preveiw] The Arrival of Daji

2021-08-24 20:00:00

Your Highness, thanks for your long waiting! Rise of Queendom will have a brand new update very soon. There will be new Hero - Daji, new skin for Zhuge Liang, new pets, costumes and more items! Come with Luo to have a sneak peak of the new contents!

New Hero

The alluring nine-talied fox Daji in tales now becomes an orange quality Doctor in Rise of Queendom, who's good at controlling in the battle.


Dangerous Beauty: Deal DMG multiple enemies with a chance to distress (decreasing HP by a certain percentage of ATK) and dizzy the target.  

Enchanted World: Deal DMG to multiple enemies with a chance to enchant (decreasing ATK and DEF), confuse, and corrode the targets (decreasing HP) . 

Irresistible Charm: Deal DMG to multiple enemies with a chance to enchant (decreasing ATK and DEF), dizzy and decrease the targets rage by a certain percent.

New Hero Skin

Classic Skin for Zhuge Liang - Lost Art. With a cyan outfit and a bamboo flute, he's like an elegant gentleman from a piece of art. 

Compared to his basic skills, the skin skills absorb the damage to enhance his ability of survival.


New Pet

Luna - is one of the constellations in Chinese myth who brings good lucks to the mortal world. In Rise of Queendom, it is a cute and brave fox!


New Costumes

Autumn is comng and it's time for some new clothes! Take a look at these beautiful costumes we've prepared for you.

MC Costumes







New Heir Costumes



That's all for the preveiw of this time. There will be more exciting events and new contents awaiting. Please stay tuned with our official website for the specific update time~

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