[Update Preview] Ride with the Cloud - New Ride System

2021-10-21 22:00:00

With Halloween approaching, the latest update of Rise of Queendom is coming around the corner! Including the brand new Ride system, Halloween Pets, new Hero and themed Costumes... Let's take a look!

New System - Ride

Now you can unlock the Ride when you reached Character Lv. 120! The Ride not only can increase your moving speed but also can be evolved to change its image. Go ride with your cloud and view the scenes of the world~


New Skins of Heroes

Classic Skin of Li Bai: Tipsy Memory 


Classic Skin of Bian Que: Snow Deer


The Classic Skins can enhance the effect of skills! Please pay attention to the upcoming announcement for Skin Skills~ Don't miss it!

New Hero

The new Gourmet Hero, Wu Zetian, is coming to Rise of Queendom! Her powerful Buffs and Healing Skills make her a powerful assistant!


Blossom Stimulus: No DMG. Recover HP for allies over time and add Shield and Reflect effects to them.

Queen's World: No DMG. Increase allies' DMG+ and add Debuff Immunity and DEF ignoring effects to them.

Floral Beauty: No DMG. Heal allies and add Reflect and Invincibility effects to them.

New Pets

Look! There are Demon with wand and Ginseng with a pacifier! How cute they are! Hurry up and bring them home~


Demon                                                                                                        Ginseng

New Costumes

In addition to the Halloween-themed costume, there are many delicate costumes in this update! Which set is your favorite?








Apart from the above new content, the Character Level, Layers of Babel Tower and in-game Bugs will be all adjusted! More interesting content is waiting for you in Rise of Queendom~

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