[Update Preview] New Doctor Cai Wenji is Coming

2021-12-13 22:30:00

The latest update of Rise of Queendom is coming with the Christmas month! Including the brand new Orange quality Hero Cai Wenji, the exquisite Christmas-themed costumes, and the new opening levels of Tiger Hill Pagoda up to 400. Let's take a look!


New Hero

Cai Wenji, one of the talented women in ancient China. She turns into an Orange quality Doctor in Rise of Queendom, who is good at controlling and dispelling.

EN 蔡文姬.png

Deep Patriotism: Large AoE ATK. Create Erode, Decay and Dizzy effects.

Woeful Tune: Small AoE ATK. Decrease enemy ATK and create Confuse and Silence effects.

Mortal Dirt: Small AoE ATK. Decrease enemy ATK, with Dispel and Subdue effects.

If you are expecting a battle control Hero, Cai Wenji is a good choice!

New Skin 

The Classic Skin of Wu Zetian - Dominance. 

EN 武则天皮肤.png

New Pet

The furry Curly has a great passion for learning and is determined to become an excellent pet!


New Costumes

Here brings the warm winter dress you, as well as Christmas-themed fashion, come and have a look~

EN 圣颂明谭.png

中 圣诞欢歌.png

EN 独钓寒江雪.jpg

EN 情深几许.jpg

EN 小雪霏霏.jpg

EN 繁华与共.jpg

EN 藤萝.jpg

That's all for the preview of this time. There will be more exciting events and new contents awaiting. Please stay tuned with our official website for the specific update time~

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